Father Petar  Ljubičić (Chosen to Reveal the Medjugorje "Secrets") and His Odd Statements About Coronavirus Victims

by Marco Corvaglia

In the following video, shot on a smartphone, Father Petar Ljubičić, the friar chosen in 1984 by the "seer" Mirjana to reveal to the world the "perpetually imminent" 10 secrets of Medjugorje (see the page Distress and Relief: The Old Trick of the "Secrets"), declares that "the safest way" to defend against the Coronavirus is not to sin.
The friar reiterates the concept, saying that if you do not sin, when you come into contact with the virus, it "will see that it can’t do anything to you". 
Evidently, for Fr. Petar, the people in hospitals who are dead or dying of Coronavirus are sinners that the virus could "do" anything to.


Original text:


- Znači, samo im jednu poruku - treba li se bojati korone?
- Dragi prijatelji od ovoga našeg velikog prijatelja: nemojte se bojati! Ovo je samo opomena, poziv nama da se bojimo korone grijeha. Budimo bez grijeha, molimo, postimo, žrtvujmo se i to je najbolje sredstvo protiv korone. Strah... stid i ne znam, ne pomaže. Nego moli se, vjeruj i čuvaj se grijeha! To ti je najsigurniji put kako se oduprijet koroni. Ako ona i dođe vidit će da nema kod tebe što tražiti.
Mir i Božji blagoslov: Oca, Sina i Duha Svetoga. Amen


English translation:



- So, just a message for them: do we have to be afraid of the coronavirus?

- Dear friends of this great friend of ours: do not fear! This is simply a warning, a call for us to fear the crown of sin. Let's be sinless, pray, fast, offer sacrifices, and this is the best remedy against the corona. Fear ... shame and… I don't know… they don't help. But pray, believe and beware of sin! This is the safest way to resist the corona. If it comes, it will see that it can’t do anything to you.
Peace and blessing of God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Amen


Source of the video: Fresh Press.

Marco Corvaglia

Published on 20 March 2020

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