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Who Will Judge the Judges? The Unresolvable Contradictions of the Commission of Inquiry on Medjugorje

The Pontifical Commission of inquiry on Medjugorje expresses a positive opinion on the first week of the decades-long phenomenon... but admits that "the events subsequent to the first seven apparitions constitute a real problem"

  1. An Inadequate Commission

  2. A Breakthrough in the Investigation, or Just Subjective Impressions?

  3. The Strange Choice of the "First Seven Apparitions"

  4. The “Seven Apparitions” and the Commission’s Glaring Errors

  5. The Rescue of Medjugorje? Based on Strange Psychological Theories

  6. The Seers’ Credibility: The "Real Problem" Admitted (Even) by the Commission

  7. Did the Commission Slander Bishop Žanić?

Subsequent part will follow

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