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Holy Consistency!

And so it was that Mirjana engaged the impudent pop star for her daughter's wedding

by Marco Corvaglia



On May 15, 2016, the older daughter of the "seer" Mirjana Dragićević Soldo, Marija, got married (to Marko Musa).
In this regard, here is the confirmation document Prot. 9/2020 (in Italian) that was sent to me by the Chancellery of the diocesan Curia of Mostar:

Lettera della Curia di Mostar

And here are three photos of the wedding taken in the church of Medjugorje. Mirjana herself published them, in black and white, on page 376 of the Italian version of her own autobiography: Mirjana Dragićević Soldo, Il Mio Cuore Trionferà, Dominus Production, 2017; original edition: My Heart Will Triumph, Catholic Shop Publishing, Cocoa FL 2016 (a color photo, by an unknown photographer, circulating on some Facebook profiles, is also available):

Matrimonio della figlia di Mirjana, Marija

For the evening reception, which held at the hotel restaurant Herceg Etno Selo, according to local custom, Mirjana changed her dress. She took off her "mass dress" (misno odijelo) and wore a jacket with an almost identical cut to the religious ceremony attire, but of a different color and with short sleeves. On the same day (May 15, 2016), immediately after the reception, the Croatian pop star Maja Šuput published on her own official Instagram profile this photo with Mirjana (note the date automatically entered by the platform, bottom right), together with a message whose translation is reported below:

Profilo Instagram ufficiale di Maja Šuput, 15 maggio 2016



Tonight I had the honor and pleasure of singing at a wedding, having been engaged by the very famous visionary Mirjana Soldo. When we met, we hugged each other as if we already knew each other forever. A wonderful feeling.

Following the publication of my present article (already updated several times), the catholic Radio Spada website found that the photo at issue, accompanied by the same text, had been published, on the very same day, May 15, 2016, also on the singer's official Facebook profile:

Profilo Facebook ufficiale di Maja Šuput, 15 maggio 2016



On the day after (May 16, 2016), the news of the engagement was confirmed by the important Croatian online newspaper, Index (it headlined S gay vjenčanja pohitala u Međugorje: Maja Šuput pozirala s vidjelicom Mirjanom, that is, Directly from a gay wedding to Medjugorje: Maja Šuput poses with the visionary Mirjana: the reference is to a marriage of gay friends during which she had sung the day before).

Maja and Mirjana


Maja Šuput è una cantante di grande successo ed è molto famosa in Croazia, Bosnia Erzegovina, Serbia sin dai primi anni Duemila: è una vera e propria star (dal 2017 è anche giudice di Supertalent, versione croata, trasmessa da Nova TV, del celebre format internazionale Got Talent). Quindi, è facile immaginare quanto possa essere costato a Mirjana il suo ingaggio. Ma c'è dell'altro.  

Profilo Instagram ufficiale di Maja, 20 gennaio 2018

Maja Šuput travestita da suora in un suo post su Instagram

Maja Šuput rappresenta, in maniera esplicita e programmatica, l'antitesi degli ideali cristiani dei quali Mirjana, asserendo di vedere la Madonna da diversi decenni, dice di essere portavoce. Eppure Mirjana la ingaggia per una sua festa privata. Il quotidiano in lingua italiana dell'Istria e del Quarnero "La Voce del popolo", in un articolo dell'11 maggio 2019, la definisce letteralmente "l’ambigua cantante e showgirl Maja Šuput".

Come è facile dimostrare, Maja Šuput incarna un vero e proprio simbolo dell'edonismo ed è diventata un personaggio ostentando costantemente la propria ricchezza e infarcendo di riferimenti sessuali espliciti, in maniera tanto insistita quanto stucchevole, le proprie foto sui social, i propri video musicali e le proprie dichiarazioni pubbliche.

Maja Šuput disguised as a nun in a picture on Instagram


Maja Šuput explicitly and programmatically represents the antithesis of the Christian ideals of which Mirjana says that she is the spokesperson, claiming that she has been seeing the Madonna for several decades.
Yet Mirjana engaged her for a private party!
The Italian newspaper of Istria and Kvarner, "La Voce del popolo", in an article on May 11, 2019, defined her literally as "the ambigous singer and showgirl Maja Šuput".


As it is easy to demonstrate, Maja Šuput embodies a real symbol of hedonism and has become a celebrity by constantly showing off her wealth, insistently and cloyingly filling her own photos on social media, music videos, and public statements with explicit sexual references.


It must be said that some of the linked images that follow can be a bit in bad taste. I personally apologize, but I believe that this, too, can be useful to outline a more complete picture of Medjugorje and of its protagonists.


On April 13, 2013, Maja Šuput published on her own official Instagram profile a photo in which she wears a tank top with the English word "bitch":

Profilo Instagram ufficiale di Maja Šuput, 13 aprile 2013



This is a photo published on January 31, 2015:

Profilo Instagram ufficiale di Maja Šuput, 31 gennaio 2015



On February 11, 2015, the online newspaper Sata 24 published the video of an interview that the singer had released to Narodni radio. It was entitled": "Maja Šuput loves hard, strong, powerful, real Balkan sex" (Maja Šuput voli čvrsti, snažni, moćni, pravi balkanski seks).


On September 20, 2015, she is celebrating her own thirty-sixth birthday with a really very explicit cake [link].

Profilo Instagram ufficiale di Maja Šuput, 20 settembre 2015
Profilo Instagram ufficiale di Maja Šuput, 5 novembre 2015



On June 20, 2016, the online newspaper Net published this photo of Maja Šuput, on vacation in Dubai with her friend Marko Grubnić:

Maja Šuput a Dubai (quotidiano online Net, 20 giugno 2016)



And here are the official videos of two famous songs of hers. The first is related to the 2014 song, Neprilika. Almost every detail has a sexual reference:



The 2016 song, Femme fatale, is similar:


And on September 5, 2016, the newspaper Jutarnji list, making the report of a Maja Šuput show in the Croatian city of Karlovac, published some pictures of the event [link] .


There’s only one thing to say to Mirjana: Holy consistency!

Marco Corvaglia

Published on 30 December 2019. Last update: 10 January 2020


Copyright © Marco Corvaglia. All rights reserved

Profilo Facebook di Annalisa Colzi, 7 gennaio 2020




Profilo Facebook di Annalisa Colzi, 8 gennaio 2020




Profilo Facebook di Annalisa Colzi, 12 gennaio 2020


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