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Mirjana and Her Prodigious Parchment...

by Marco Corvaglia

Libro magico

On 25 June 1985, the seer Mirjana made a "revelation":

Our Lady gave me just a special sheet on which the ten secrets are written. It is made by a material that can not be described. It seems like paper but it is not paper. It seems like cloth but is not cloth. It is visible. You can touch it but you can not see the writing. When the time will come, I will present the sheet to the chosen priest. He will receive the grace to read only the first secret, and later the others. My cousin, an engineer in Switzerland, examined it but did not succeed in identifying the material.
[René Laurentin, Le apparizioni di Medjugorje continuano, Queriniana, Brescia, 1986, p. 33] 


Father René Laurentin, the then chief historian of Medjugorje, added:


Mirjana does not keep this document hidden. Apart from her cousin, who is an engineer in Switzerland, also a female cousin of hers and her mother have seen it.


However, he reported also this episode:

I met her (Mirjana) [...] on 1 January 1986, at the rectory. I asked her about that mysterious note which seems to constitute an objection. Calmly she confirmed the existence: I can read it, the others can not. I asked: You showed it to your cousin. Why didn’t you show it to the priests in your parish?

This question has not received a response either by her or by the Fathers.
[Ibid., p. 36]


On May 30, 1990, Mirjana was interviewed in Medjugorje by Father René Laurentin e Father Petar Ljubicić. In the interview we can read the following:


We questioned her also about that kind of parchment, neither paper nor cloth, on which the ten secrets are supposed to be invisibly written. Could she show it to us?
- In case the Committee requests it, I would need to ask Virgin Mary for permission first.


She doesn’t have the document with her. She left it in a drawer in Sarajevo.

- I can read it, she said. But a cousin of mine, who found it in my house, believed she could read something, but it was not what was written on it.
[Laurentin, Derniéres nouvelles de Medjugorje, No 9, O.E.I.L., Paris, 1990, p. 18]


On March 14, 1993 Mirjana said, in respect to the sheet at issue:


Now it's here in my house. Shortly after receiving it I showed it to two people. They looked at it, but without seeing the same thing, without being able to read the secrets like me.
[Laurentin, Dernières nouvelles de Medjugorje, No 12, O.E.I.L., Paris, 1993, p. 111]


However, on 27 November 2009 Father Petar Ljubicić (the priest, chosen by Mirjana herself, who should one day reveal the secrets), during the transmission Mistero, broadcasted by Italy 1, said he had never yet seen this "parchment". Here's the video:



Now, let us listen to the voice of Mirjana herself, who in this video is speaking to some Italian pilgrims about the sheet at issue. The video was shot at the Pala-Iper in Monza (Italy) on 9 October 2010:




Here is a translation of what Mirjana said, in response to a specific question asked by a member of audience:


Yes, the parchment exists, you heard well: it is a parchment in which all the ten secrets are written. For now, only I can read what is really written on it. I don’t have to hide it in secret places, because only I can see what is really written on it. Once I showed that parchment to a cousin and to a girlfriend of mine, at the same time, and they couldn't see the same thing. One saw a prayer and the other saw a sort of letter where someone was asking for help.

Why doesn't Mirjana let others see this mysterious sheet on which, according to her, everyone reads something different?
Why not, for example, deliver it to the Vatican, so that this magical material is analyzed by specialized laboratories? Or can only her relatives see it?
On the other hand, why doesn't the Vatican itself ask Mirjana to deliver this sheet so that it can be examined?
Do they prefer not to go too much into the question?


Skeptics would not fear such a check, on the contrary they certainly would wish it
Why do not the proponents of Medjugorje ask Mirjana to do it? Should it not be a good way to silence the critics?

To each his own remarks.

Marco Corvaglia

Published on 7 October 2008. Updated on 13 June 2011


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