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Mirjana and the Apparitions for Her Birthday

by Marco Corvaglia

Mirjana durante una presunta apparizione

Mirjana Dragićević



Since 1983, Mirjana has been claiming to see the Madonna every 18 March, on her birthday.


Incidentally, it is worth mentioning that, in 1987, additional "apparitions" also started for her, on the 2nd of each month. However, on March 18, 2020, Mirjana communicated that Our Lady allegedly told her that these had ceased.


In reality, given that her "apparitions" took place in public, in the locality named Blue Cross, in front of an endless crowd of faithful, it is likely that it was a tactical move by Mirjana. In fact, at the end of February 2020, the final report of the Pontifical Commission of Inquiry on Medjugorje was published, in which "many signs exhibited of spiritual self-promotion" are stigmatized in the “seers” [S. Gaeta, Dossier Medjugorje, San Paolo Edizioni, 2020, p. 82], and what follows is also added: "It seems opportune to ask the alleged visionaries to live the alleged apparitions in a manner not as public as presently happens [...]" [ibid., p. 118].


Well, let’s get back to the annual apparitions, coinciding with her birthday. One may suspect self-glorification. However, since the beginning of the 2000s, Mirjana has been asserting that it is just a coincidence of dates, linked to the fulfillment of the secrets.


For example, on 8 August 2001 Mirjana was interviewed for Radio Maria by Father Livio Fanzaga:


Father Livio: 18 March is the day of your birthday. Is this the reason why Our Lady chose it?
Mirjana: Actually, this question is not very good and sometimes it makes me angry that people think that Our Lady comes every 18 March because it's my birthday. It's hard for me when people say to me: "There, Our Lady came for your birthday." But Our Lady never told me "Happy Birthday". When many things will begin to happen, then, these dates given by Our Lady will be understood, and the fact that it is my birthday has nothing to do with it.
[Mirjana di Medjugorje,
La Madonna prepara per il mondo un futuro di Pace. Intervista di padre Livio ai microfoni di Radio Maria, Shalom, Camerata Picena, 2002, p. 54]


This has become the "official version" of the facts. In 2011 Mirjana was interviewed by the Italian Medjugorje activist, Paolo Brosio, and reiterated:


Brosio: ... Another mystery concerns the apparition of 18 March coinciding with your birthday: why on that day?
Mirjana: To begin with, let’s talk about 18 March. Certainly not because it's my birthday. During the apparitions of 18 March Our Lady never said to me "Happy Birthday", because to her my birthday is like the birthday of everyone else.
[Paolo Brosio, Viaggio a Medjugorje, Piemme, Milan, 2011, p. 163]


However, previously her version of events was completely different.

On 25 December 1982 Mirjana had her last daily apparition, and declared that the Madonna had said:


I will appear to you on the day of your birthday and when you will experience difficulties in life.
[René Laurentin,
Message et pédagogie de Marie a Medjugorje. Corpus chronologique des messages, O.E.I.L., Paris, 1988, p. 183. English edition: Messages and Teachings of Mary at Medjugorje. Chronological Corpus of the Messages, Riehle Foundation, 1988]


On 10 January 1983, Mirjana, then eighteen years old, was interviewed at length by Father Tomislav Vlašić (the interview, recorded on tape, was published in two pro Medjugorje books, written by well-known religious: Svetozar Kraljević OFM, The Apparitions of Our Lady at Medjugorje, Franciscan Herald Press, Chicago, 1984, pp. 121-140, and Lucy Rooney SND, Robert Faricy, SJ, Mary Queen of Peace, Alba House, New York, 1984, pp. 49-79) [emphasis added]:


Mirjana: On Christmas Day [1982] she was with me for forty-five minutes and we talked about many things. We really put everything together. I made requests for many people and then she gave me a very dear gift. She said she would appear to me each birthday while I am alive, independently of the sign or anything else. And she will appear to me when something difficult happens to me; something very difficult, not some small everyday thing but something that will hurt me badly.
[Lucy Rooney, Robert Faricy, Mary Queen of Peace, Alba House, New York, 1984, p. 63]



Mirjana: I asked her why she had to stop appearing to me. She explained that she had stayed a long time, that having decided to continue with my schooling I have to face life without her help or advice. I have to understand that I am like any other young person – like other girls; that I have to live my life without her and that she will come to me on each birthday. Before this I can think about the questions I should like to ask and what I wish from her.
Tomislav: Among other things you mentioned here that she said: “You have decided to continue at school.” If you had decided on a life in a convent do you think she would have continued appearing?
Mirjana: I think so. No, I’m not sure. No, I think maybe not! She did say that she had stayed too long, so that means she wouldn’t have continued. She didn’t intend to stay this long. No, I think she wouldn’t have. It would be the same – her gift for each birthday. That is something great, marvelous. She will come for every birthday.
[Ibid., p. 71]


The contradiction with what she nowadays claims is already evident.
However, as we have seen, now Mirjana provides even what, according to her logic, should be "proof" that Our Lady did not choose that day to get her a personal pleasure: "She never said: 'Happy Birthday'".


Well, on 18 March 1985 Mirjana turned twenty and had her apparition in Sarajevo, in the presence of several faithful.
In the Chronicle of the Apparitions (a copy of which is kept in the archives of the Curia of Mostar), compiled by the assistant pastor of Medjugorje, Slavko Barbarić, on 1 April 1985 we read:


Along with the letter of Brother Petar Ljubičić I received the letter of the visionary Mirjana Dragićević. First of all she apologies for not having replied immediately. She then describes the vision:
- 18 March, it was 4 p.m.. They prayed for 15 minutes, and she was with them for 15 minutes. She greeted with "Praise Jesus" and whished her Happy Birthday.
[Kronika ukazanja (Chronicle of the Apparitions), 1/4/1985. Original text: "U pismu fra Petra Ljubičića dobio sam i ja pismo od Mirjane Dragićević, vidjelice. Najprije se ispričava što nije odmah pisala. Zatim opisuje viđenje: - 18. III. bilo je u 16 sati. 15 minuta su molili, a 15 je bila s njima. Pozdravila sa „Hvaljen Isus“ i čestitala rođendan".]


In the book Abandon Yourselves Totally to Me, whose authors are the Fathers Slavko Barbarić, and Tomislav Vlašić, the verbatim quote of the text written by Mirjana was reported:


Mirjana Dragicevic, who is studying at Serajevo, had another meeting with Our Lady this year on the day of her twentieth birthday. The vision lasted 15 minutes. This is Mirjana's description of both meetings:

"There were many of us. We went to wait for her at four o'clock in the afternoon. We all prayed for fifteen minutes and she was with us for fifteen minutes. She greeted me as usual with the words 'Jesus be praised!' and I answered her greeting. She wished me a happy birthday and then we began to talk."
[Tomislav Vlašić, Slavko Barbarić, Abandon Yourselves Totally to Me, Friends of Medjugorje, Milan, 1985, p. 115]


Comment is superfluous.


On the other hand, Vicka and Marija, who claim to have daily apparitions, keep on saying that the Madonna makes merry in honour of them on the occasion of their birthdays. Thus is inextricable the tangle of inconsistencies of Mirjana, both with herself and with the other “seers”. This is not surprising when one accepts the evidence that, unfortunately, we are dealing with their inventions.


Vicka, interviewed by Father Livio Fanzaga on 3 August 1998, stated:


Vicka: Our Lady, on the occasion of her or our birthday, hugs and kisses us.
[Vicka di Medjugorje, La Madonna è nostra madre. Intervista di Padre Livio ai microfoni di Radio Maria, Shalom, 2002, p. 82]


Then it's up to Marija:


Father Livio: I've heard, not by you but by Vicka, that on the day of the birthday or of the name day you even exchange a kiss.
Marija: Yes there are a number of occasions.

Father Livio: On what occasion does the Madonna embrace and kiss you?
Marija: On the occasion of the birthdays, of the name days...
Father Livio: Yours?
Marija: Yes, or even, for example, when one has a moment that is a little difficult.
[Marija di Medjugorje,
La Madonna ci insegna a pregare. Intervista di Padre Livio ai microfoni di Radio Maria, Shalom, Camerata Picena, 2001, pp. 23-24]

Marco Corvaglia

Published on 4 January 2012. Updated on 18 March 2020

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