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Does Mirjana Fake Cry? 

by Marco Corvaglia


The "apparitions" to Mirjana are characterized by the fact that sometimes, during these, you can see a tear running down the cheeks of the "seer".



On 8 August, 2001, Mirjana was interviewed by Father Livio Fanzaga, director of Radio Maria:

Mirjana: I am very moved, I get very moved when I see Our Lady; when I see the love she has for all of us; when I see everything that she does for us, I can not remain...
That’s how I’m built and tears come to me. What can I do?
I always say to myself that I am stupid, I say so many things, I try not to cry because people get scared, I have to be quiet, but it’s something stronger than me.
Father Livio: For us these tears are a sign of the authenticity of the apparition.
[Mirjana di Medjugorje, La Madonna prepara per il mondo un futuro di pace. Intervista di padre Livio ai microfoni di Radio Maria, Shalom, Camerata Picena 2002, pp. 38-39]


It is well known that it is possible to secrete tears on command through the use of appropriate techniques (several demonstrative videos are available at the bottom of this page). As to Mirjana, when having her small lachrymation, she assumes behaviors that are consistent with the hypothesis that she is using some of those techniques.


As clearly explained in the following video from the YouTube channel, The Actors Academy, the simplest techniques consist in fixing a point, avoiding blinking and, when necessary, exhaling without inhaling for a while:




Now, let us focus our attention on some acts that Mirjana repeats on every occasion.
Approximately 10 or 20 seconds before the beginning of the apparition, the "seer", who is praying with her face tense, keeping her eyes low, begins to breathe deeply. It is easy to understand, by this sign, that the apparition is about to start.
Mirjana then raises her head and in fact the apparition begins.
Mirjana obviously stares at the presumed apparition.
She blinks her eyes infrequently, and from time to time she inhales very deeply (as would be natural for someone who, before that moment, had been holding their breath for some time).
Sometimes, a tear lines her cheek.




Here are four different videos in which some girls show their ability to cry on command:


Marco Corvaglia

Published on 3 November 2009. Last update: 18 March 2020


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